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Monday, June 19, 2017

Plastic Surgery Thailand Price List: Ever wondered how much cosmetic surgery actually costs?

Ever wondered how much plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures actually cost in Thailand?
plastic surgery thailand price list
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Although the numbers and statistics are everywhere on the internet, we have compiled and organised the information accordingly in one place. The pricing information below is based on the pricing information available on blogs, review sites and forums.

Here is the price list for plastic surgery in Thailand covering all major procedures:

Breast Enlargement
Price in Australia - AUD 15,500
Price in New Zealand - NZD 16,500
Price in Thailand - AUD 6,700 and NZD 7,200

Breast Lift + Augmentation - From AUD 6,990.

Price in Australia - AUD 24,000
Price in New Zealand - NZD 26,000
Price in Thailand - AUD 6,200 and NZD 6,600

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Price in Australia - AUD 5,000
Price in New Zealand - NZD 5,200
Price in Thailand - AUD 1,900 and NZD 2,100

Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty) - AUD 4,074 –  8,148

Body (Liposuction, Tummy Tuck)

Mini Tummy Tuck - AUD 3,333
Tummy Tuck (under 80 kg) - AUD 4,074
Extended Tummy Tuck (under 80 kg) - AUD 7,400
Extended Tummy Tuck (80-90kg) - AUD 7,777
Arm Lift - AUD 3,333
Thigh Lift - AUD 3,667
Mummy Makeover (Full Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + Augmentation) - AUD 10,740

Liposuction (per region) - AUD 3,900

Butt Implants
Price in Australia - AUD 15,000
Price in New Zealand - NZD 16,000
Price in Thailand- AUD 6,700 and NZD 7,200

Butt Lift
Price in Australia - AUD 18,200
Price in New Zealand - NZD 19,500
Price in Thailand - AUD 5,000 and NZD 5,300

Price in Australia - AUD 8,800
Price in New Zealand - NZD 9,400
Price in Thailand - AUD 3,000 and NZD 3,200

Bangkok Plastic Surgery Prices
Bangkok Plastic Surgery Prices

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YanHee Hospital (Bangkok) Price List

Breast Augmentation  - AUD 6,000-7,000
Thigh Lift - AUD 4,000
Buttocks Augmentation - AUD 6,000
Cheek Implants - AUD 2,000-$3,000

Wrapping It Up

We do understand that price is an important consideration for plastic surgery. However, plastic surgery is not without risks. It's advisable that you look for medical facilities with world-class standards or JCI accredited hospitals.

Private medical facilities are the mainstay of the medical tourism industry in Thailand, and generally they are of world-class standards. Thailand was the first country in Asia to be awarded accreditation for the Joint Commission International (JCI) a US organization that monitors quality and considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in terms of healthcare.

To read reviews on plastic surgeries and to find the right plastic surgeon in Thailand, please check out Plastic Surgery Thailand Reviews.

Need further assistance or have any questions about plastic surgery procedures in Thailand, we are ready to assist. Contact us at

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