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Monday, May 29, 2017

Plastic Surgery Thailand Reviews 2016 / 2017: A Compilation in One Place

If you are looking to find a plastic surgeon in Thailand for your cosmetic surgery procedure, you may wish to check out related reviews before making the decision to choose the best option. Check out the reviews from customers who 'have been there, done that' and to find top recommended plastic surgeons for you to begin your research.

Plastic Surgery Thailand Review
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We have compiled a list of plastic surgery reviews that you may wish to go through before you decide on which plastic surgeon to see in Thailand.

Plastic surgery in Thailand (Bangkok / Hatyai) - Singapore Expats Forum

Check out this thread from Singapore Expats Forum. It's a long and active thread with more than 9000 posts. Under the Aesthetic Enhancement and Cosmetic Surgery category, this is the topic with the highest number of views.
First post in Jun 2007:
Everyone has been seeking info on how to contact the various docs and how to get to the clinics, so I've edited this first post to include as much info as I can find. 
Plastic Surgery in Bangkok

Yanhee Hospital

Plastic Surgery in Hatyai 
Dr Nara:
112 thamanoonvithi rd, next to indra hotel hatyai 66 74 230983 66 74 238414 66 74 350351 66 19595958
mon-fri 10-8pm sat 9-4pm sun 9-12pm 
Dr Puttisak Puttawibul:
Klai-More Polyclinic, 200/1-2 Nipat Utid Road 2 Opposite Kosit Hotel
Tel: 0894671055 
Phi Beauty Clinic
Address: 109 Suphasarnrangsan Road (located very close to Wat Chiaew Chaang, the large, unfinished Chinese temple on Suphasarnrangsan Road) (See map:
Telephone: +66 (0)74 350355 Mobile: +66 (0)87 688 1999; +66 (0)87 688 2999; +66 (0)87 688 3999
(His staff aint tt good with english, so maybe u can either request to speak to Dr Chi directly or email him directly)
Web page: Email:
This place advertises various cosmetic surgery procedures but seems to specialise in hair (as well as beard and moustache) transplants. This should be quite popular with the majority of farangs living in Thailand. 
The doctor is Dr Chirayut Tolertmongkhol MD (Certified Board of General Surgery; Certified Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery).
The opening hours for Phi Beauty Clinic are:
Monday to Friday: 5pm to 7pm Saturday: 9am to 2pm Sunday: 9am to noon 
Dr Prinya 
Address: 270-272 Supasarnrungsun Road, Hatyai, Songkhla, Thailand 90110
Direction: Opposite to Kiss Channel, Yamaha Showroom and right next to Suzuki Showroom, Hatyai. If you start from Lee Garden Plaza, you just keep going all the way to the right until you see 2 roads and a canal at the end, you will see a big Suzuki sign on top and Kiss Channel is opposite to Suzuki showroom and our clinic. 
Tel: (+66) 74 238 803, (+66) 8 7475 7788
For your convenience, please contact us at opening hours. 
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 13:00 and 16:30 - 20:00 Saturday: 09:00 - 16:00 Sunday: 09:00 - 13:00

Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand Facelift - Bangkok, Thailand - RealSelf

Apr 2013
I am scheduled to have a facelift in Bangkok, Thailand at the Bumrungrard Hospital. Anyone have experience this hospital? Which doctors do you recommend? I am planning to have a face lift and lower and upper eyelids. The hospital is rated very highly - top ten in the world, and I know someone who has already gone there. But would appreciate comments.
Cosmetic Surgery - Thailand - TripAdvisor

Check out this thread from TripAdvisor.

First post in Apr 2010:
I am going to Thailand for breast augmentation and would like to know places and surgeons that you can recommend.. I have heard stories about this and would like to hear some more personal experiences. So far I am thinking of yanhee or Phayathai Hospital 2 or Bumrungrad hospital.. if you have any info on prices etc that would be great too'

Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand - TripAdvisor thread

First post in May 2014:
I was looking for Corrective Cosmetic Surgery Center in Bangkok Thailand and planning to travel by November 2014. Is there anyone here knows the best cosmetic surgery center in thailand? Anyway, I have prospect center in Thailand named Nirunda Infinity Skin Clinic, I found it on placidway site, do you heard this Nirunda Infinity Skin Clinic? Any reviews?

29 March 2017:
Best do surgeries at good hospitals like Bumrungrad hospital (not clinics), Bumrungrad are quite ethical and do not tamper with patient's medical records. At clinics, they are a law onto themselves and bad practice.

Liposuction Bangkok Reviews | Liposuction in Bangkok - TripAdvisor thread

Liposuction in Bangkok
First post - Oct 2012

Have been looking at getting liposuction over in Thailand for about 6 or 7 months, following threads and forums n reviews everywhere!
I want to know if anyone has any recommendations as far as hospitals, surgeons for this procedure, any post surgery woes, or helpful hints. I'd ideally like to keep posting to share my experience with everyone, and those that are in the same position as me!

Liposuction in Bangkok
Feb 2014
I’ve been researching Thai surgeons for my liposuction in Bangkok for few months. I contacted couple of surgeons from Bumrungrad to Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic. Both have good reputation among plastic surgery patients both Thai and international. But the price and the service are my main decisions. I checked with BNH hospital, the service looks great but the price is still expensive. I think I would choose one of these clinics/hospitals with lower cost but effective result. Or if anyone can recommend me other certified surgeons or hospitals for liposuction, I would appreciate. Thank you in advance.

Liposuction in Bangkok | Bangkok plastic surgery Dr Pichet
Apr 2014
Try entering Dr Pichet in the search box at the top.
You will notice the number of 1st time posters on this tread and the number of posts deleted by TA. So you probably cant believe most of the good or bad written about Dr Pichet.

Liposuction in Pataya - TripAdvisor thread

Liposuction in Pataya
First post - Jan 2016
Guys anyone got a good Liposuction Hospital or Clinic in Pattaya

Liposuction in Pataya
Jan 2016
Not something any of us have ever considered but I've seen leaflets at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for this treatment. Google their website is full of information about all of their services. I would guess its going to be very expensive but it is a top class hospital.

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